Welcome to Bad Luck Squad – a site named after a comic about my life that I have yet to write. Bad Luck Squad was also what I called my friend group growing up, since it seemed like no matter where we went, bad luck followed.

Now I’m a grown woman (debatable) and the sentiment remains the same, bad luck follows me everywhere. As the wise Homer Simpson once said “trying is the first step towards failure”, and yet here I am, hard-headed and continuing to try and live my best life. Hopefully one of these days, those failures will turn into successes and all that bad luck will dissipate. Will it ever work out in my favor? We shall see.

On this blog you can follow my misadventures and read about my mundane life. Random topics you may find on this blog stem from my plethora of interests – food, anime, manga, video games, movies, books, stationery, culture, fashion, travel, etc. If you like what you find, feel free to follow along and drop a comment!